Our Story

In April of 1990, the Nguyen family, all 12 of us, emigrated from Vietnam to the United States where we settled in the lovely city of Boston. Food was, without a doubt, the center of our family's social and financial livelihood; we ran a catering business for 15 years right out of our humble home. There were sticky rices, carefully prepared meats, out-of-this-world broths and soups, fresh and bold flavors for days. Let's not forget the blood, sweat, and tears. There was never a shortage of those either.

The amount of sacrifice, energy, and soul that Mama and Papa Nguyen put into the food was unparalleled as evidenced by the success of the business and our satisfied customers. But most memorable was the fun and joy that the experience of sharing a meal created for our customers, friends, and community. "Nothing goes better with a hot bowl of pho than a smile," Mama Nguyen would always say.

In 2007, Papa Nguyen passed away leaving a legacy of greatness and service to his friends, family, and community. With each of the Nguyen children all-grown up, our catering business closed operations. Mama Nguyen still holds down the fort like a boss, though. From time to time, she will conjure up some old-school magic and whip up an extra special dish for the holiday dinner table or family wedding.

Fast forward to today. It's been 8 years since Nguyen Catering closed shop and 5 years since Hoi Nguyen, the youngest of the Nguyen family, has graduated from college. But after 5 years of working for corporate America, Hoi is bringing it back!






Influenced by his upbringing and inspired by his family's homecooking, Hoi created Roll Play to pay homage to his roots and to bring a smile to all those who sit down at the table. Pleasing and bringing joy to others is ultimately at the core of Roll Play's identity.

With this said, you are all invited to sit down at the table. Please join us at Roll Play!

Moi ca nha!